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Flowers For Algernon.jpg

"FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON"  Oil on Maple Panel   35x 35  Beautifully Floated Framed         11,000.00

Jennie's Pond

"JENNIE'S POND"  Oil on Canvas
                    36x 36   SOLD

Miami Decco.jpg

        "Miami Decco"       48 x 48       
                    Oil on Canvas                                        48 x 48   5,250

Cathleen's serene scene.JPG

"Cathleen's serene scene"
Oil on canvas  26x48  SOLD

The Yellow Table.jpg
Live Oak in My Backyard .jpg

                   "The Yellow Table" 36 x 36                       Oil on Canvas              SOLD                                 

"Live Oak In My Backyard"      Oil on          Maple Panel 14x 22  $1,400                       Beautifully Framed

Natalie's Vitality.jpg

"Natalie's Vitality" 31 1/4 x 28 3/4
                Oil on Maple Panel
Beautifully Framed            1900.00

Looking Out My Studio Series 10

"Looking Out My Studio Series #10"              Oil on Maple Panel                                       16x 20   SOLD


"Looking Out My Studio Series #11"      Oil on Maple Panel 14x 22  $1,400                     Beautifully Framed

Dancing With Midnight.jpg

"Dancing With Midnight" Oil on Panel                       45x47x2  $4,800                     

Flowers For Barbara.JPG

"Flowers For Barbara" Oil on Panel                            45x 38 SOLD                     

Trees In Brooklyn.JPG
"Caswell Trees Series  3"   Oil on Panel, 16 3/4" x 32",  SOLD
"WATERWAY"  Oil on Maple, 24" x 30 1/2" 
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